Thursday, April 14, 2011

LOST LEGACIES-Another Way To Die

Daniel Logan is a mercenary hell bent on finding his daughter and escaping the life. Almira Sands is on the run from a past so abusive, and so evil it seems to always find and make her pay for her audacity to try and escape it. When their paths cross their connection is instant, their attraction undeniable, and each are forced to make life altering decisions in a manner of moments. With no time to think twice Almira decides to aid Daniel and pays a steep price for it.

Hovering between life and death with twenty-four hours of meeting one another Daniel finds himself helplessly drawn to the young woman he called tough girl who almost loses her life in the name of protecting him. When they learn of their past connection passion ignites and they dragged into the underbelly of a world they are both so desperately trying to escape.

I'm Amy McCorkle and if you love a passionate love story with a huge helping of action and conspiracy then hang onto your hats and buckle yourself in for a year long build up to the release of Another Way To Die due out from MuseItUp Publishing January 2012.

My current projects include the sequel to Another Way To Die, Numb and the screenplay adaptation to Another Way To Die. You can find me at, my sister blogsite, and my website